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Friday, March 20, 2015

Taking Church Outside Its Walls

This has been a week of divine appointments. There are too many things that have happened, lessons we've learned, things God has shown us that we can't begin to cover them all. I will attempt to share a few highlights with you and I pray that you are as encouraged as we are.
We have found since we moved to Tucson that ministry has been done out of just being who God made us to be. It happened by just being us. This trip only solidified that experience.
I heard Jean share about her job and her passion for inclusion and God used those conversations to encourage so many. And since her relationship with Jesus is also interwoven in it, it was impossible to share it without talking about Him.
Today she had a chance to present the gospel message through sign language to three individuals who were deaf. Something like that is only possible with a background in sign language. Truly a divine Appointment reserved for her.
I was able to do some hip hop and spoken word 2 times on this trip. Something that God has given me the ability to do, that just happened to fit with what the need was. And both times led to follow-up opportunities, one of which was a true divine appointment. A young man visiting from a Bible college, helping for the week, wondering what his purpose in life is. I was able to help him discover it and mentored him on how to create an effective music ministry.
The real story is what God showed us beforehand, and how it came to pass before our eyes. We knew we had a vision to pray for college students on a beach. We knew we were to go to Lake Havasu, and we knew we were to feed people. What we didn't know was that a local church has a ministry where they serve free pancakes and water on the beach for four weeks during spring break. They do so from 9-2 everyday. We were able to partner with what they already do. We were able to help feed people on Lake Havasu. We were able to participate in several divine appointments. And we were able to pray for people on the beach.
God had a plan, I am grateful He let us participate with Him in His plan. We look forward to more opportunities to be used by God, both at home in Tucson or wherever He would lead us.
God bless!

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