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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Front Line

It has been brought to my attention recently that Tucson is a demonic gateway to the United States. What this means is that there is a greater openness to the supernatural. And it also means that there are several demonic influences allowed to have influence here. It is basically like there is a battle going on over the border. Satan has always had control of the border, allowing certain things to flow into the United States through Tucson. But God is sending people to Tucson who are equipped to do spiritual battle and take back the border. In other words, God is going to do something in the United States, but it will not come until the borders have been taken back from the enemy.

This information fills in the blank for me about why we are here. While I was preparing to come on this move, I had several times of worship and prayer. Often during these times God would show me visions and things that were pieces of a puzzle, but not the whole thing. Many of them had to do with spiritual warfare, secrets of the enemy and what strongholds are prevalent today. He told me during one of these times that He was going to send me somewhere to make preparations; to begin to prepare for a move of God. During one vision, I saw myself doing demonic deliverance in a large church service setting, and saw training centers where people were trained to help people walk out their deliverance.

This information also makes sense when I see all the spiritual opposition that we have faced since we have been down here. The enemy has tried to put wedges between Jean and I, turning little things into giant things that make us question each other and not want to work together as a team. We can't seem to get too settled because our minds are bombarded with worries and doubts and fears. We see so many reasons why us moving here makes no sense. We gave up great schools in Minneapolis and great jobs and ministries to have to start all over again. We are having difficulty finding employment and are in need of another vehicle. But we don't have the resources to buy one right now. We believe God and His promise to provide for us, I just point these things out as the types of things the enemy is telling us.

When we moved into our apartment complex the Lord told me He was giving it to me. He had me walk around the complex for six days and on the seventh day to do it seven times. What the Lord showed me was amazing. On the last time around I saw a vision of demons that were allowed to reign in this place. They were bound by the wrist and their mouths were covered so they could not speak. Then He told me they were bound for ninety days and I was free to minister without opposition for that period of time. It has been awesome to see the opportunities I have had to share with some of my neighbors. They are open to the good news and several have expressed interest in studying the Bible further.

We have also seen God perform miracles right before our eyes. Every week people are getting miraculously healed of diseases, including cancer. Doctors continue to be baffled by what they are seeing. Demons are being forced to release their grips on people's lives and people are walking in freedom from depression, and fear, and other physical manifestations.

The greatest thing we have experienced do far, however has been God invading us with His love. We have been participating in an intensive discipleship program for the past three weeks. The teachings, the devotions, the journaling has opened Jean and I up to see God completely differently and ourselves differently as well. Just today I was floored by the idea that God created me in order to show me His love and His blessings, that Jesus willingly went to the cross to win me back and that He is preparing a place for me so that we can be together forever. I am motivated more than ever to participate with Him in what He is doing in Tucson.

Will you pray for us? Will you allow God to use you to fight this battle or souls, for families, for freedom, for an invading of the world with His love?

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