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Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Quick Update

I wanted to post a quick update for those of you who are following our blog posts. We are staying in an apartment complex that is rich with opportunity. The weather here causes people to want to be outside, which suits our family perfectly. We have met a lot of the children in the complex and I have had some great conversations in the laundry room getting to know others, hearing their stories and looking for points of connection. We have been richly blessed by our new church family in Tucson. They have been quick to offer us encouragement, invitations for dinner and even physical blessings. We moved into our apartment with nothing, and now it is mostly furnished thanks to others who have blessed us with their extras. God is faithful to provide when we walk in obedience to him.

Jean and I have found a school that we believe will be the best fit for the boys. We are excited to get them into school and allow them to begin to make new friends and gain new experiences through that. Nothing is without its challenges though. Many of the things we were able to do for Joseph's education will be a challenge down here. But God has assured us that He is advocating for Joseph. He would not call us here without providing for the needs of our family. So we just have to trust Him with things thsat we have no control over and pray for favor as we begin to affect educators in Tucson.

I will begin building a Tucson chapter of Community of Men next week. It is difficult when I am an outsider and unknown here. I have nothing to go on except God's promise to me seven years ago when I first started the ministry. He told me to share my story, He will open doors that I cannot, and He will provide for my family. That has been the case the last seven years, and I trust it will be moving forward as well. God Bless!

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