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Monday, January 30, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait!

The title of this post really fits well with how I have been feeling the last few days. I want to give you an update of what has happened and explain myeelings about it as well. I spent a lot of time the last several months preparing for this move. We gave all our stuff away, we said all our goodbyes. We rented out our house, and quit all our jobs. We went round and round trying to figure out wha God was doing, and waiting to see what would happen. When He told me to head to Arizona I was feeling nothing but excitement. I couldn-'t wait to see what God had for us to do whatever it was I was ready for it. Whenever I come blindly into anew city I usually start with looking up a church in my denomination because it gives me some instant credibility and there is shared values and beliefs. So we prayed about it and went to a church that we've.t God was directing us to. It turned out to beexactlywhat wehad hoped. An awesome church, with a heart for discipleship and building community, am emphasis on accountability and training up leaders. That fits with what God has been showing me for a while. Th pastor and his wife have a child with autism and that caused us to relate to one another on a whole other level as well. So things were lining up and it seemed like God had laid things out.

Then I began to realize that I have entered into a whole new world. This culture is very different from the one I was raised in and even from theone I have lived and ministered I for the last fifteen years. I realized that it would not be a quick transition but that I had some learning to do, and that I have to put in the time to build relationships and earn people's trust, because I am very clearly an outsider. Jean and I are up for the challenge. Butwerealizedthat we had to be committed for the long haul if we are to see God's purpose for us here come to fruition. So we are looking for housing and facing the realization that we need to find work, find furniture, and find some sort of school for the boys to attend.

How am I feeling about all this? Mixed emotions would describe it pretty good. I was not thinking Iq would hurry up and wait. But God told me that this pastor has something to deposit into me while I am here. It is something that I will need for my future ministry. He also told me that Wewill be a blessing to this church as well. I have to trust God in everything, and He continues to ask more anymore of me. I have no where else to go, and noting else to do but to trust the Lord and to wait for Him to make our paths straight as we acknowledge Him in all our ways.

I am currently typing this from my iPad which makes editing documents more difficult. I ologize for the gram

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