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Saturday, January 28, 2012

A week of rest, learning, and preparation

It has been a week now since we packed up our stuff and moved, and what a week it has been. We spent some time visiting friends and family in Nebraska and Colorado. We have been figuring out this homeschooling thing and it has not been easy. We made it through the first week. I have anew appreciation for teachers. I can't hardly teach two at a time let alone a whole classroom at once. We visited three national parks, the Great Sand Dunes and Mesa Verde in Colorado and the Grand Canyon in Arizona. We also spent a lot of time driving through mountains and experiencing Indian reservations and extreme poverty that goes unnoticed by so many, myself included. I never knew that poeple lived in such poverty stricken situations right here in the richest nation in the world.

Today, we will finish our journey to Tucson. We do not know if this is our final destination or just a first stop among many. But we are anxious to find out. I was up early again this morning, spending time in God's presence so as to receive the assurance and confidence I need to lead my family on to our next phase of ministry. I appreciate your prayers. It has been difficult living out of a suitcase and staying with other people. We take for granted the comforts we have of doing things on our own terms, even being able to cook our own food and sit for a moment and watch some t.v. But more than that, I am having to lead my family completely on faith, be ause I can only plan with the limited information that I have been given. So I hope to update you all soon when we know more. All I know for sure is God wants me in Tucson today and we are planning to attend a church tomorrow, one which I believe the Lord is directing us too. And there are hurting people there. That's a given no matter where we go. And one more thing, God is already there, and I am anxious to meet up with His plans in Tucson. Stay tuned and God bless!

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